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Power hyper-relevant search results with A.I.

reimagine travel discovery

Baarb is an intelligent search assistant that is transforming the way travelers discover travel information. We deliver a quick and flexible solution for global travel brands to implement a powerful and hyper-relevant search to their sites, apps, and voice-activated assistants.

The days of generic results are obsolete. By capturing what travelers care about most for the trip they’re taking, and surfacing the most relevant choices at the top of their search results, you delight your customers and increase the likelihood of a conversion. Integrate Baarb's intelligent search assistant with your existing search infrastructure to optimize conversions for what people really want to find.


Imagine if your customers could tell you exactly what they want…

Leverage natural language search to capture and understand what travelers care about most for the trip they're taking, in their own words.

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And you could give them the perfect results!

Deliver hyper-relevant and personalized recommendations that delight your customers, and help them find what they're looking for faster so they convert!

How global brands leverage our technology

state-of-the-art software and predictive analytics

Baarb’s search assistant analyzes and makes sense of hundreds of millions of data points from your inventory, and from verified sources across the internet.


massive amounts of data analyzed

APIs, and SDKs generate valuable data directly from your inventory. Baarb enhances this with 100’s of custom data feeds from a wide range of partners for richer understanding of properties, neighborhood characteristics, and local activities, so we can power the most relevant results for any traveler.


natural language processing

Enable your customers to search, and discover, using natural language, free-form search—unlocking possibilities across voice platforms. Baarb understands a complex combination of preferences, all in one request, even when the words entered aren’t found in the underlying content.


machine learning and deep learning

Our data scientists apply deep learning methods to our machine learning techniques, including unsupervised and supervised learning, so our predictions get smarter over time with every search.


baarb’s vertical specific algorithms

Baarb’s secret sauce is our vertical-specific algorithms that are infused with industry expertise, which catalyze the hyper-relevant predictions. The result is a platform that understands travel like an expert, factoring both context and current search intent.

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Is it magic?

It's not magic... but it's a very technically challenging science to reorganize the web so that it's relevant to the travelers and hospitality companies who use it.

We can do it because we’ve worked at Google, Microsoft, IBM, Wall Street firms, and cutting-edge technology platforms and we’re experts at search methodologies and technologies like AI, machine learning, deep learning, NLP, and data crawling.

What the experts are saying…

Praise from our partners


Jim brisimitzis, head of startups, microsoft

“BaarbPro is on the edge of changing travel for the good. For vendors (air, travel, entertainment, etc.) there's finally a way to really get people excited through their experience. I feel so strongly about BaarbPro that I'm personally getting involved to bring the best of my network and resources to help them succeed.”


vipul nakum, chief product officer, oag

"Billions of critical decisions are made across the travel ecosystem every single day – and they are all powered by information, intelligence and analytics. BaarbPro is a shining example of this in action."


angie krackeler, senior program manager, ibm

"BaarbPro’s leveraging of Cognitive Computing and AI to tailor and customize results based on preferences will increase user adoption and provide better experiences."



Simple and transparent SaaS pricing available upon request