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Hotel Search Powered by AI


Baarb is an innovative technology provider that is changing the way travelers discover hotel information. Baarb delivers quick and flexible ways for Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and travel companies to implement a powerful and highly personalized search and booking engine to their sites and mobile apps.

By reducing the number of irrelevant choices for the traveler, and prioritizing the most accurate results and recommendations, booking platforms increase the likelihood of a conversion. Combine our Search Engine Personalization (SEP) APIs with your existing travel platform, or leverage our White Label solution, to fuel your growth!


Is it Magic?

It's not magic... but it's a very technically challenging science to reorganize the web so that it's relevant to the travelers and hospitality companies who use it. We can do it because we have worked at Google, Microsoft, IBM, Wall Street firms, and universities and know how to use search methodologies and technologies like AI, machine learning, deep learning, NLP, and data crawling.

API Solution

Baarb searches, analyzes and makes sense of hundreds of millions of data points from your hotel inventory, images, and reviews, and from verified sources across the Internet. This information connects travelers to the right hotel for them, faster and easier, by matching these concepts to their preferences and behavior. The prioritization of results is ranked to optimize the highest chance for success. The Baarb API offers a wealth of analysis that improves results right away so your customers convert sooner.


Private Label Solution

We offer the most cutting edge private label hotel booking solution on the market. Mobile, tablet and desktop users enjoy a fully tailored experience while browsing our hotels. Baarb offers a complete branding solution to adapt to the look, feel, and function of your site. Full account management and dedicated development teams work around the clock to integrate your brand with our technology.

Conversion & retention

Integrating with our suite of continually evolving tools, your customers will stay, convert and return, building loyalty and increasing their travel spend.

Your brand RULES

Our private label solution allows seamless integration of our hotel search functionality into your website, blog or mobile site/app, with low development costs. Keep your users coming back to your brand!

Expertise & support

Ongoing support with integration, optimization and data science. Account management and end customer services.

Baarb is on the edge of changing travel for the good. I feel so strongly about Baarb that I’m personally getting involved to bring the best of my network and resources to help them succeed.
— Jim Brisimitzis, GM Microsoft for Startups


Simple and transparent pricing available upon request.