Baarb knows what travelers want, in their own words, where they've been, and can predict where they're headed next.

Baarb searches, analyzes and makes sense of hundreds of millions of data points from your hotel inventory and images, our own Travel Graph, and from verified sources across the internet. We are amassing the largest data set of traveler intent in the industry. This information connects travelers to the right hotel for them, faster and easier, based on their preferences and behavior.

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Understand preferences

Even first-time visitors get the benefit of personalization and more relevant results by entering their preferences in natural language right at the start of their search using Baarb's self-learning, smart Preferences Bar. Understand your customers unique needs and wants, and help them find what they're looking for right away.

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Deliver hyper-relevant results

Accessing rich sources of data about hotel attributes and your customers DNA, surface the most relevant properties at the top of your search results. Baarb's APIs return a ranking for the most optimized results you can display for each customer's search to maximize conversions.

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Get smarter and smarter

Want your customers to feel like you really "GET" them? Create a relationship with your customers that keeps them coming back to you for the perfectly curated experience that they can't get elsewhere. As you capture insightful interactions about your customers search patterns, our learning models drive innovation and improve their results over time.