How to Catch Facebook Cheaters — Bust a Cheater Using Modern Solution

According to statistics, about 1.73 billion people use Facebook daily. This means it’s not odd that your partner is always on Facebook. But if you’re reading this, it’s probably because you have reasons to believe your boyfriend or girlfriend might be cheating on you on the app. Justinking website will show you how you can catch Facebook cheaters without breaking a sweat.

How to Tell If Someone Is Cheating on Facebook?

Most cheaters try their best to keep their secret relationship hidden. But if you look hard enough, several red flags could suggest that your partner is cheating on you. Here’s a list of signs to look out for when in doubt.

They Spend Too Much Time on Facebook

It’s okay to use Facebook daily, but if your boyfriend or girlfriend is always online, you’d have to wonder what keeps them there. Maybe it’s a secret romance? It just could be. Your emergency alert should immediately go off if the conversation with you is getting shorter and less frequent. Ever heard the saying that if the conversation is getting shorter with you, it’s getting longer with someone else? That may well be the case.

They Lock Facebook Messenger App

Facebook Messenger allows people to chat more easily. Some folks aren’t active on Facebook but can be reached via Messenger. If your partner is seeing someone else, there’s a good chance you can find out from the conversations on their messenger. This is why most cheaters lock their apps to prevent another person from accessing their conversations.

A Particular Person Always Comments on Their Posts

On Facebook, people can make posts, and their friends and followers can engage. If your partner is cheating, chances are the person they’re cheating with will frequently leave comments on most of their posts and pictures.

They Always Chat with a Particular Person

Who is your partner chatting with on Messenger? Did you catch them making video calls with this person? These are signs you can’t ignore. Even a harmless friendship can quickly become romantic if both parties frequently communicate and share each other’s interests. 

How to Find out If Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Is Cheating on Facebook?

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, the only way to find out is to catch them red-handed. Unfortunately, there are no two ways about it. If you confront them, they’re always going to deny and maybe accuse you of being insecure. Also, there could be a chance that they aren’t cheating at all.

So, if you’re serious about knowing how to catch a cheating boyfriend on Facebook, you’ll need access to his Facebook account to see who he’s texting. The best way to do this discreetly is by using a spy app. There are several spy apps on the app market that can give you access to your boyfriend or girlfriend’s social media accounts, including Facebook.

How to Catch Your Partner Cheating on Facebook with mSpy?


mSpy is one of the best spy apps currently available for Android and iPhone users. This app allows you to hack your partner’s phone and gain access to their social media accounts.

How to Hack Facebook with mSpy?

All you need to do is to pay for a subscription package on their website and download the app. You’ll need to install the app on your partner’s phone using the instructions that will be sent to your email by mSpy. When you’re done installing the app, you can monitor your partner’s Facebook activities from the app’s Control Panel on your device. Although mSpy is a paid app, it’s considerably cheaper than other apps with similar or lesser features. This makes it the best value for money app you can get anywhere. It’s not just a Facebook monitoring app, though; there are other features you’ll find helpful.

Other Features of mSpy

  • Hacking Email
  • Monitoring GPS location
  • Tracking phone calls
  • Hacking WhatsApp
  • Seeing received and deleted media files
  • Keylogger

The keylogger feature is particularly impressive because it can record keystrokes on the target phone and send them to your device. This can help you hack your partner’s passwords on several websites, including secret dating apps.

What Can Other Apps Help You to Catch Facebook Cheaters?

mSpy is not the only app that can help you catch Facebook cheaters. Others include:



FlexiSPY is another app that you can use to catch cheaters on Facebook. Like mSpy, you’ll have to pay for the app and install it on your partner’s phone. FlexiSPY can also hack your partner’s microphone and record conversations.



Hoverwatch is a spy app that can hack Facebook and other social media apps successfully. The installation process is easy and is similar to mSpy and FlexiSPY. Apart from monitoring the social media app, it can also hack the user’s phone and take a selfie without the user’s knowledge.



XNSPY is another quality spy app that can be used to monitor cheating partners. It can monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, and hack email accounts. People who think, “How to catch your girlfriend cheating on Facebook?” should try this app to get all the answers they need.

So, if you wonder, “Is my girlfriend cheating on Facebook?” She might be. But you’ll never know unless you try out any of the above spy apps.


People cheat on Facebook all the time. Your partner is probably cheating on Facebook Messenger too. If you’re already suspecting them, it’s wise to act quickly. You can’t wait for your boyfriend or girlfriend to spill their guts and confess their betrayer to you finally. Are you having doubts about your boyfriend? Take matters into your hands, get you a spy app, and catch him cheating on Facebook.

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