How to Catch a Facebook Cheater

Navigating romantic relationships in the era of social media can be complex and challenging. Facebook, while connecting millions, has also become a platform where signs of infidelity can manifest. This reality necessitates a nuanced understanding of digital behavior. In this article, we delve into the subtle yet revealing signs of potential cheating on Facebook, arming you with the knowledge to discern truth from digital facade. We will cover everything from behavioral red flags to sophisticated monitoring tools, equipping you with the insights needed to confront the modern challenges of fidelity in relationships.

What Are 7 Common Signs of Cheating on Facebook?

When suspecting infidelity, Facebook can be a revealing platform. Here are seven common signs to look out for:

Secretive About Their Account: If your partner is suddenly very private about their Facebook account, it could be a red flag. This includes hiding their screen when you’re near, quickly closing tabs, or being defensive when asked about their activity.

Frequent Messaging at Odd Hours: Notice if your partner is frequently on Facebook, especially at odd hours. Late-night conversations or an unusual increase in activity can suggest secretive communication.

New Friends of the Opposite Sex: An influx of new friends, particularly of the opposite sex or a certain demographic that they find attractive, can be a sign. Pay attention if these new friends are people you’ve never heard of or met.

Likes and Comments from the Same Person: Consistent likes and comments from a particular individual on your partner’s posts, especially flirtatious ones, can be a warning sign. This can indicate a deeper level of interaction beyond Facebook.

Change in Relationship Status or Information Concealment: If your partner suddenly removes their relationship status or starts concealing information that was previously public, this can be a cause for concern.

Increased Concern with Appearance in Photos: Pay attention to any significant changes in how your partner presents themselves in photos, especially if this change seems to cater to someone else’s tastes or preferences.

Avoiding Being Tagged in Posts or Photos: A reluctance to be tagged in posts or photos, especially in locations or events, could indicate they don’t want certain activities or associations to be public.

Remember, these signs are not definitive proof of cheating but could warrant a conversation with your partner. It’s important to approach the subject sensitively and without jumping to conclusions.

3 Best Apps to Catch Facebook Cheaters

Discovering infidelity can be challenging, but certain apps can help unveil suspicious activities on Facebook. Here are three highly recommended apps:



Overview: mSpy is a widely-used tracking app that offers comprehensive monitoring features. It allows users to track Facebook messages, view call logs, and access other social media activities.

Key Features: mSpy enables you to monitor sent and received messages on Facebook, including deleted ones. It also tracks location, calls, and other social media platforms.

Usage: After a straightforward installation process, mSpy runs in the background, providing detailed reports to a secure online dashboard.



Overview: FlexiSPY is known for its advanced monitoring capabilities. It’s designed for those who want in-depth tracking, including listening to calls and capturing keystrokes.

Key Features: It captures all Facebook messages, records calls, and even offers a feature to activate the microphone remotely to listen to real-time conversations.

Usage: FlexiSPY requires installation on the target device. Once set up, it provides detailed insights through its control panel, though it’s more complex than basic trackers.



Overview: Spyzie is a user-friendly app popular among those who are not very tech-savvy. It provides essential tracking features without requiring rooting or jailbreaking the device.

Key Features: This app tracks Facebook messages and timelines, call logs, and provides GPS location. It also monitors other social media applications.

Usage: Spyzie is easy to install and operate. It offers a simplified dashboard that gives a comprehensive overview of the target’s digital activities.

MonitoringMessages, Calls, Location, Social MediaMessages, Calls, Location, Social Media, Call Recording, KeyloggingMessages, Calls, Location, Social Media
Ease of UseUser-friendly, straightforwardAdvanced, more technicalVery user-friendly, simple
Stealth ModeYesYesYes
Device AccessNo rooting/jailbreaking for basic featuresRooting/jailbreaking for advanced featuresNo rooting/jailbreaking required
Data AccessDetailed reports, real-time dataComprehensive, in-depth monitoringBasic monitoring, real-time data

What Type of Information Can You Get From a Facebook Account Using Spy Apps?

Using spy apps to monitor a Facebook account can provide access to a variety of information, including:

Messages: You can view both sent and received messages, including any deleted conversations.

Friend List: Access to the list of friends, including new additions.

Likes and Comments: Insight into the posts, photos, and comments your target is interacting with.

Photos and Videos: Access to the photos and videos shared or received on the account.

Activity Log: Information on various activities, such as posts they’ve liked, commented on, or shared.

Login Details: Times and locations of Facebook account access.

Installing a Spy App on a Target Phone Involves a Few Steps. Here’s a General Overview:

Purchase a Subscription: Choose a subscription plan on the mSpy website and complete the purchase.

Prepare the Target Phone: Ensure you have physical access to the target phone. If it’s an iPhone, iCloud credentials are needed. For Android, physical access to the device is necessary for installation.

Install the App: Follow the instructions provided by mSpy to install the app on the target device. This process varies slightly between Android and iOS.

Set Up and Monitor: Once installed, configure the settings through your mSpy dashboard. You can then start monitoring the activities on the target phone, including Facebook messages, calls, locations, etc.

Methods to Reveal Potential Cheating On Facebook:

Using an iOS/Android Recovery Tool: Retrieves deleted data, including Facebook secret conversations​​.

Google Chrome Password Grab: Accesses saved login data in Google Chrome to view Facebook login information​​.

Flirting with a Fake Account: Creating a fake profile to interact with your partner on Facebook and gauge their responses​​.

Install a Remote Phone Microphone: Records conversations on the partner’s phone, useful if they prefer calls over messages​​.

Check Tagged Photos and Locations: Reviewing photos and locations where your partner is tagged on Facebook to understand their social interactions.

Monitor Changes in Social Media Patterns: Observing changes in Facebook usage, such as privacy settings, removal of posts, and posting frequency, which might indicate concealment of activities.


Identifying infidelity on Facebook requires a careful approach, balancing technological tools with ethical considerations. While apps like mSpy, FlexiSPY, and Spyzie offer technological solutions, it’s crucial to use them responsibly. Alternative methods, like observing changes in social media patterns or using recovery tools, can also provide insights. However, it’s important to remember that these signs and methods are not conclusive proof of cheating and should be approached with caution and respect for privacy and trust in the relationship.

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