How to Hack Facebook Messenger in a Couple of Minutes?

The social media platform, Facebook, is one of the most sought-after platforms by millions of people in the world. Almost everyone you know has a Facebook account. We can’t deny that Facebook has helped bridge the gap in connecting us to our loved ones far and near.

While we continue to laud social media efforts, we cannot ignore the inherent dangers they provide. Kids are somewhat vulnerable to the social vices of a cyberbully, pedophilia, inappropriate content, and lots more. People who cheat in relationships are likely to be found using Facebook Messenger.

Thus, it is essential to keep an eye just in case. In this article, we explore all the solutions to the Facebook Messenger hack.

Can Facebook Messenger Be Hacked?

The question you’re probably thinking right now is, “Can I check someone’s Facebook messages?” The answer is yes. Admittedly, Facebook uses high-grade security to protect the accounts of its users.

That’s not to say that there aren’t loopholes here and there. If you’re interested in how to hack Facebook Messenger online, we discuss some of these options.

How to Hack Facebook Messenger?

There are several ways to hack and check someone’s Facebook Messenger with ease. Some of them include:

Reset the Person’s Facebook Password


One way you can have access to a person’s Facebook account is by resetting the person’s Facebook password. Remember that you have to be really close to the person, and they’d have to leave their smartphone unattended for a couple of minutes.

To get started:

  1. Visit Facebook on your PC web browser or your smartphone. You can also do this on the target smartphone.
  2. Locate the “Forget Password” button and click on it.
  3. Type the target user’s email address or phone number.
  4. Follow the simple prompts to reset the password.
  5. Log in to the Facebook account with the recently generated password. You’d be able to read sent and received messages on the target device.

Here’s a quick tip: When you’re done, delete any email or text notification from Facebook on the device so that they won’t find out.

Use a Keylogger


Another way you can read messages in someone’s Facebook Messenger is by making use of a keylogger. Keyloggers are software or hardware that record keystrokes punched into a computer or smartphone device. They act as mobile surveillance, monitoring all taps and keystrokes without them ever finding out.

With a keylogger, you’d be able to track the password used to log into their Facebook account. Some of these keyloggers include: 


Spydera is another keylogger software you should consider hacking into Facebook Messenger undetected. You can thoroughly monitor someone else’s keystrokes on Facebook Messenger with ease.

Some of its unique features include:

  • Undetected spyware app.
  • Monitor phone calls with real-time recording and listening.
  • Read incoming and outgoing emails and text messages.
  • Track GPS location.

To make use of this keylogger, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register and subscribe to a plan.
  2. Install the keylogger app on the target smartphone.
  3. Log in to your Spydera dashboard and start monitoring every keystroke typed on Facebook Messenger.

How to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages Without Knowing Their Password?

Another way you can hack Facebook messages online is by taking advantage of spy apps. Like keyloggers, spy apps monitor the digital activity of the target device without being detected. We look at some of the recommended spy apps to check someone’s Facebook messages.



mSpy is an impressive spy app that is useful in checking someone’s Facebook messages easily. This app monitors every activity on the target device without the person ever finding out.

Some of its features include:

  • Monitor keystrokes.
  • Monitor browsing history.
  • Track GPS location.
  • View sent and received messages.
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls with their corresponding timestamps.
  • View sent and received media files.

To start making use of this app, all you have to do is:

  • Register and subscribe to a preferred package.
  • Download and install the mSpy app on the target device. Follow the installation prompts. The app will start running in the background, undetected.
  • Log in to your mSpy account to monitor all keystrokes and other features from the target smartphone.

Auto Forward


Auto Forward is a unique monitoring app that discreetly surveys target devices without their owners ever finding out. Some of its features include:

  • See all posts from Facebook, including messages.
  • See sent and received images and videos.
  • Track website history.
  • View a complete list of contacts on the target device.
  • Read sent and received text messages, even if it has been deleted.
  • See all incoming and outgoing calls made.
  • GPS location tracking.

To make use of this app, follow these instructions:

  1. Subscribe to a plan.
  2. Download the app on the target device
  3. Start monitoring the Facebook Messenger conversations on the target device.



PhoneSpector is also impressive spyware for surveilling someone’s Facebook Messenger quietly and remotely. Some of its unique features include:

  • Monitor phone calls.
  • Download photos and videos sent and received by the target device.
  • Read sent and received emails.
  • Monitor browser history.
  • Track real-time location.
  • Read sent and received text messages.

To take advantage of this software:

  1. Purchase a PhoneSpector package.
  2. Install the software on the target device by downloading the app or inputting the Apple ID or unique product license key.
  3. Log into your personal device or PC and start monitoring the target phone.


Hacking someone’s Facebook Messenger to monitor their messages isn’t a complicated process. With these helpful tips, you’d be able to check someone’s Facebook message with ease.

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