JustCloud Reviews: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Imagine life without computers, tablets, or smartphones. Those days are far behind us, as we enjoy the convenience, power, and communications made possible by our treasured devices.

Within your technological marvels are your important documents, entertaining videos, emails and texts, and countless photos of friends, family, and your travels. What makes your files even more important is the ability to share them with loved ones, or the whole internet-connected world, if you choose.

The dilemma is how to make your files and photos available to the parties you want to share them with, and how to protect them from loss.

That’s exactly where cloud sharing services come in – providing you with easy upload of your precious data for backup, retrieval, and sharing.

Selecting a cloud storage service can be confusing, with so many services available, and providers each claiming to have the best service at the lowest cost. Cloud storage plans are provided by well-known names including many cell phone services, corporate giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, and a growing number of private enterprises.

JustCloud is a company specializing in providing cloud storage, file backup, and sharing functions – focused especially on consumers like you.

Why Should You Use JustCloud?

JustCloud has been in the business of storing and protecting customer data for years, and they have fine-tuned the process to make it easy to install and implement, and perhaps even easier to use. In fact, storing your data safely on JustCloud is accomplished in three easy steps:

  • Pick the files you want to upload
  • Upload the files to the cloud
  • Enjoy ease of access to your files and photos from anywhere, on any device

JustCloud makes it extremely easy to get started with the service. Select the plan that suits your needs, download the software to your computer (or download the app to your mobile device), and you’re up and running.

How JustCloud Works

Simply sign up and download and install the software to your computer, or install the app on your smartphone. JustCloud supports both PC and Mac operating systems.

Using the very intuitive JustCloud control panel, you can easily navigate the system’s functions to manage your backup and storage needs – even on the go, from your mobile device.

As a subscriber, you can log into your account from anywhere, using any of your computers, tablets, or phones. Upload or share photos, stream music or video, and edit files using the power of the internet and JustCloud’s state-of-the-art data centers.

JustCloud provides cross-platform support for operating systems including:

  • Windows, Mac, and Linux computers
  • Android and iPhone smartphones
  • Windows phones and tablets
  • Blackberry and Kindle Fire

JustCloud Features

Feature-rich JustCloud gives your data the all the advantages you expect from an experienced cloud storage provider:

Security – data is stored securely in JustCloud’s Google-powered environment. Your files are encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption for reliable security.

Accessibility – access your uploaded files from anywhere, anytime, on any device – laptop, home computer, and Android or iOS aps.

Automated Backups – take advantage of software features to schedule and automatically upload your files, documents, and photos when it’s most convenient for you.

Synchronize your computers and mobile devices – multiple devices can be synched to ensure you have the latest updates on every computer, tablet, or phone. No need to copy files manually to other devices. Start editing a file at the office, and finish it later at home. You choose the files or folders you want to synchronize on JustCloud.

With one centralized, secure source for your personal data and photos, you can sit back and enjoy the many advantages JustCloud has to offer:

  • Quickly upload, synch, and share your photos
  • Backup photos and important folders on your own schedule, or whenever you like
  • Stream videos and music from the cloud
  • Share photos to social media such as Twitter or Facebook
  • Browse your files and retrieve backed up files
  • Retain multiple versions of files, to enable recovery of an older version when you need it
  • Drag and drop – simply drag folders from your computer to your JustCloud control panel or synch folder to send them directly to the cloud.

Support is another critical consideration when selecting a cloud storage service. JustCloud offers 24×7 support by phone or email, and includes live chat. Technical support is also available by email and live chat.

Online support tools available to you as a subscriber include FAQs, a knowledge base that houses troubleshooting tips and installation guides, and account information.

JustCloud Plans

JustCloud has multiple plans available to meet your specific storage needs:

HOME/PRO PLAN – 75GB storage

  • Monthly subscription – $ 10.69/month
  • 6 month subscription – $ 9.44/month
  • 12 month subscription – $8.19/month
  • 24 month subscription – $7.61/month

PREMIUM PLAN – 250 GB Storage

  • Monthly subscription – $ 11.94/month
  • 6 month subscription – $ 10.69/month
  • 12 month subscription – $9.44/month
  • 24 month subscription – $8.19/month


  • Monthly subscription – $ 14.44/month
  • 6 month subscription – $ 13.19/month
  • 12 month subscription – $11.94/month
  • 24 month subscription – $10.69/month

Don’t underestimate your storage needs. You may be surprised how much space you need when you include the data on all your family’s devices. To get the most benefit from any cloud storage service, you will want as much of your valuable data as possible safely stored for security, synchronization, and sharing.

JustCloud Review

One of your best ways to evaluate any technology service is to scan for reviews or comments put forth by existing or past customers.

Satisfied customers offer their views:

  • “Love it. By far the best cloud backup app out there. Best customer service. Amazingly robust tech. Reliable. Blows all others away. Users that leave bad reviews because they don’t know how to delete files are hilarious. Don’t knock the product because you’re inept.”
  • “Super fast and easy! Love it!”
  • “I have used JustCLoud for 2 years now, and am suprised to find it so low. The price is excellent value for money, and for accessing my files on the move I don’t think there are any better on the market. Excellent Customer service, I have never had to wait more than 3 hours to receive a response. A+++”

Not all users are totally thrilled with JustCloud, as evidenced by other customers’ JustCloud reviews:

  • “I think that this service is falling apart. I have contacted them several times about not being able to recover photos and I have received emails saying that they have server issues. This had persisted for over a month.
  • I am now trying to a refund, since the service is not being provided if I can not access the files. My last note to them on 1/24 requesting a refund has not been answered. 
  • I wonder if the company is still even active.more”
  • “I can see the files on the app, but I can’t download them. So I tried everything that justcloud had to offer (with the app they provide for backup and restore, on my computer on Firefox, chrome, and edge logged in to their website I actually tried to download them one by one, I tried to use FileZilla and transfer via ftp). I cannot get my files back! They might as well be gone”
  • “Can’t delete my files… And I can’t delete my account either… Useless.. Now when I close my account, the files are still there… What if some one can access them when I close my account…. What then…. Some files I would save, but others I want to delete, and this is not allowing me to do that”

Listen To The Pros About JustCloud

Regardless of the cloud service you’re considering, it’s well worth your time to search the web for reviews and opinions from technical experts. You can gain valuable insight to services and support provided by vendors from the experience of professionals.

Web Hosting Media offers a thorough look at JustCloud

JustCloud is an easy to use, beginner-friendly cloud storage and online backup service that was criticized in the past by reviewers and users alike for not being transparent enough and not offering the exact same services they advertised. Users took offence especially at the unlimited cloud storage this service claimed to provide, but also for pricing plans being too obscure.

It looks like JustCloud took notice of these complaints, because they have implemented a few changes and updates by adding more functionality to their services, improving their security and stability, which turned them into a more reliable cloud backup service for personal and small business use.

If you’re a first-time user of cloud storage, if you take a lot of pictures or work with a lot of files, and you need to back them up, if you’re a small business, and you need file sync and share capabilities, then JustCloud is the right product for you. JustCloud lets you back up music, photos, videos/movies, files, emails, etc. across multiple devices. Simply log into your account from any device and back up the files you want.

​Business.com offers the results of their experience with JustCloud, although their focus was primarily for potential business users:

“JustCloud has a good combination of features to help you convert to business cloud storage and offers a simple file sharing solution for both public sharing and within your organization. It gives you full administrative control, allowing you to control how much storage and bandwidth your employees use.

When you share a file stored in JustCloud with someone, you can password-protect it. That way, you can be sure the files you share will be accessible only by the intended recipient. This is not one of the services that allows you your own encryption key, which can be a drawback for some, though not everyone wants total control.

The files you back up with JustCloud are available to you from any internet-connected device, including mobile phones. You can download files from the desktop platform and from the online dashboard. There are JustCloud apps for iPhone and Android that allow you to access anything, from anywhere. You can also send specific files to employees and clients.

With this business backup solution, you can give each member of your team a control panel to manage the files they’ve saved with JustCloud. There is also an administrative panel that controls how much access each team member is permitted. You can designate how much storage each member can use and monitor who is changing what.”

Online Cloud Backups offers what they present as their “JustCloud Honest Review”

“Justcloud, launched in 2010, is perhaps not one of the first names people think of when they are considering cloud storage solutions and with no free cloud storage plan there isn’t a try before you buy option. Justcloud does, however, offer lots of great features for individuals and small businesses. There is also the option to buy add-on services from their menu of options over and above their three main price plans.

With the ability to sync multiple devices to your account you can backup files from your laptop, desktop PC, tablet phone or even your work computer if you should need to. In our review, we look at the features and price plans and give you the information you need to decide if this is the right cloud storage solution for you.”

JustCloud – The Pros And Cons

No system is perfect for everyone, so beyond checking out JustCloud reviews, think about what your needs are, and consider any positive features and negative aspects that may impact your decision.

We’ve listed the top pros and cons below:


  • Easy to use – download software or app and utilize user-friendly screens to control functions
  • Compatibility with many devices and operating systems
  • File versioning – capability to restore older versions of files
  • Automated and scheduled backup of files
  • Drag and drop simplicity
  • Access your files anytime, anywhere, across all your devices
  • Share your files with friends and family, or post to social media


  • Cost – JustCloud may be somewhat more pricey than some competitors, especially if your needs call for add-ons features that incur additional expense
  • Storage capacity – there are limits on file sizes and total storage limitations
  • Add-on services such as automated video backups must be purchased on an annual basis, with no pro-rated refund if you terminate the add-on service early

JustCloud provides their services essentially as advertised, but do your homework to consider alternatives before shelling out your hard-earned dollars. JustCloud does have some negative feedback from past policies and marketing tactics, but they have made a great deal of progress in improving consumer satisfaction and providing pricing transparency.

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